Vision and Mission

Our Vision

LelieEnergy saving and re-use of materials are crucial for maintaining a good and healthy environment for future generations. The water technology market becomes more dynamic and there is a growing need for specialists with knowledge of integrated and/or total solutions. Cooperation and knowledge sharing are key to progress.

CirTec meets today’s needs with the future in mind. The company helps to promote and to develop re-use of waste materials. We strive for access to water and wastewater services for all. We recover resources, constantly reduce the environmental impact of our activities and promote eco-citizenship.

Our Mission

To grow our portfolio of projects and technologies while making a significant contribution to preserving a sustainable environment and investing in a cleaner future. To succeed in our mission, we strive:

  • To be a valued partner for our customers;
  • To strengthen our technology leadership through continuous research and development;
  • To leverage our extensive knowledge and experience;
    • By cooperation in research and development projects;
    • By developing projects and selling environmental technology packages;
    • By designing and building wastewater treatment plants.
  • To build and utilize a global network developing our technology.