• Evaporation of brine
    As a part of the wastewater treatment plant of a Textile company in the Middle East, a 2-stage reversed osmosis system is installed as final treatment stage, removing salts an color from the water. To thicken the brine, a GaLiCos
  • Evaporation of wastewater
    An important part of the products of a Dutch producer of eg. military equipment, are specific switch boards that during production are photographically covered with a “resist”. This resist is a sticky organic compound that is solved in water. After
  • Biogas desulphurization
    At a green energy plant in China, the residuals from sugar production are anaerobically digested, producing up to 8,000 m3/h of biogas. This gas stream contains, besides a large amount of CO2, high concentrations of H2S up to > 35,000