Innovative evaporator for concentrating corrosive waste water – Crescendo demo project completed on schedule

After two years of research and development, from lab scaled test to pilot test and many rounds of optimisation, the demonstration project of Crescendo evaporator for corrosive waste water was completed in February 2019. This demo is a collaboration of CirTec B.V, Najade, Vision and Actions and Changzhou Fenghua Environmental Protection Co. The project received supporting funds from the Dutch government. In this project the wheel cleaning waste acid solution generated at Fenghua’s plant area needed to be concentrated. We tested the system performance from different aspects such as the evaporation effect, energy consumption, surface fouling under different module pressure, temperature and circulation volume. In the end an effective concentration and reuse of the wheel cleaning waste acid solution was realised.

Crescendo is a further innovation based on years of successful operation experience of the GaLiCos evaporator.

GaLiCos is a low-temperature evaporation technology that evaporates brines or sour waste water to the saturation limits based on the principle of different air carrying capacities at different temperatures. Using this principle, GaLiCos is able to use low grade waste heat to concentrate the waste liquid and produce distilled water. Therefore, GaLiCos is a combination of energy conservation, waste concentration, and water reuse technology.

The Crescendo evaporator is made of 100% recyclable plastic modules and can be applied at pH 1-14 and temperatures between 30°C to 100°C using low-grade waste heat. Crescendo has a high added value compared to similar products, the main advantages are reflected in the following points:

  • Can be applied at pH 1-14 and temperatures between 30 °C to 100 °C for corrosive material;
  • Can run on residual waste heat from production;
  • Low investment ,easy to operate and maintain;
  • Skid-mounted and easy to scale.

Large-scale production of Crescendo

Crescendo is an innovative evaporator for corrosive liquids and gasses. The synthetic GaLiCos evaporator is made of high quality synthetic material and has a modular design. We’re proud to announce that, after performing the last functional tests, the large-production of the modules has started at the site of our Dutch supplier.

Crescendo is a technology that can evaporate corrosive and highly concentrated waste streams, such as brines, to the saturation limit. It can be applied for waste streams coming from flue gas treatment, desulphurisation and corrosive liquids and gasses in a wide pH range from 1 to 14. Low value energy can be applied as energy source, since Crescendo can run at low temperatures. The development of Crescendo was subsidised by the Partners for Water 2016-2021 programme.

Press Release Synthetic GaLiCos

Press Release

Innovative evaporator for corrosive liquids and gasses

The first evaporator completely made from high quality recyclable synthetic material 

With the development of an evaporator, built entirely from building blocks made of recyclable plastic, which can apply low-value residual heat as an energy source, CirTec brings the most sustainable evaporator to date to the market. By using high-quality recyclable plastic, the new design can be applied to thicken liquids in an exceptional wide pH-range from 1 to 14 at temperatures ranging from 30 to 100°C. The system, named CRESCENDO, consists of separate building blocks that can be modularly expanded for any desired capacity. Application of recyclable plastic combined with the, by CirTec recently launched, Active Vapor Recompression (AVaR), make the CRESCENDO or Synthetic GaLiCos™ evaporator the most sustainable evaporator available on the market.

The CRESCENDO or Synthetic GaLiCos™ evaporator is a further development of a technology that has already successful been in operation for several years. In the basis, GaLiCos is an innovative, low maintenance technology, which allows evaporating highly concentrated liquid waste streams (brines) to the saturation limit. The operation is based on the principle that moisture is absorbed by unsaturated air. Using this principle GaLiCos enables both capturing salt crystals (as a concentration) in a partial flow limiting waste streams and production of distilled water by just using low-grade residual heat. As a result, GaLiCos™makes it possible to save energy, limit waste streams and create a closed circuit through the production of re-usable salt and water.

The CRESCENDO™concept has great added value above competitive systems. The main advantages are:

1. Applicable for corrosive liquids and gasses in pH-range from 1 to 14 at temperatures from 30 to 100°C.
2. Lower investment costs; systems are modular constructed and are relatively simple. A recirculating pump with limited head loss and a low-pressure ventilator are the only moving parts of the process.
3. Reduced operating costs; The modules are not sensitive to scaling and are maintenance free. Further, the energy consumption is low and a plant can be operated without any significant attention.


Nomination WIS Award European Water Tech Week 2018

The European Water Tech Week (September 24 – 27, 2018) takes place in the city of Leeuwarden. On Wednesday September 26, in co-operation with partners, Cellvation organises a workshop on the pros and cons of resource recovery from sewage water. Prof. dr. Bruce Jefferson of Cranfield Water Science Institute (UK) will give a presentation titled Applicability of cellulose in a circular economy. You’re kindly invited to this workshop and can find more information about it here.

CirTec’s Crescendo technology is nominated for the Water Alliance Innovation & Stimulation Award 2018. The innovative synthetic GaLiCos is presented in this vlog: “Crescendo, the most sustainable corrosion resistant evaporator”.

EU Gateway Business Avenues Singapore and Malaysia

We are glad to announce that we will participate in the EU Gateway Businessess Avenues program in Singapore and Malaysia from 9th July till 13th July.

We are looking forward to finding new partners and expanding our networks. Come and find us at booth B2-C26.

AVaR reduces energy consumption GaLiCos by 80%

Energy saving and re-use of materials become more and more important and are crucial for maintaining a good and healthy environment for future generations. GaLiCos™ (short for Liquid Gas Contact System), developed to thicken concentrated (waste) streams and recover valuable resources, using low-grade residual energy, has been successfully in operation for several years. By combining GaLiCos™ with the newly developed AVaR (Active Vapor Recompression) technology, residual heat in the system can be re-used even better, reducing energy consumption with up to 80%. This innovation will be introduced at the during the AquaNederland exhibition on 13, 14 and 15 March 2018 in Gorinchem (NL).

GaLiCos™ is a highly ingenious (and patented) device that is designed to bring gasses and liquids in a very efficient and intensive manner in contact with each other. The unique features of the technology are that this is achieved with a minimum of energy input and in a way that the equipment does not get contaminates by the medium. GaLiCos has been used successfully for several years to thicken concentrated liquids and to strip NH3 from water.

Low-value residual heat is usually only available to a limited extent and fossil fuel is expensive and unsustainable. With the development of a new module and through the combination of GaLiCos with AVaR, the number of possible applications and the energy efficiency are significantly increased.

CirTec is continuously working on improving and optimizing technology. The wishes and needs of the customer are always central. Cooperation and sharing knowledge are the keys to progress and crucial for CirTec and for that reason we involve innovative market parties at an early stage in the development and scaling up of our technology. Are you looking for innovative evaporation technology and are interested in being our launching customer to play a role in the successful market introduction of this technology, please visit us at the Aqua Nederland Trade Fair at stand 113B on the innovation street.

GaLiCos™ at the Shanghai International Evaporation & Crystallization Technology Equipment Exhibition

CirTec’s partner Vision and Action shows GaLiCos™ at the Shanghai International Evaporation & Crystallization Technology Equipment Exhibition. We received quite some interested visitors at the booth (A37) on the first exhibition day. The exhibition will continue until November 30th.

Overall Winner Aquatech Innovation Award 2017

Winner Aquatech Innovation Award 2017 announced under the supervision of Prime Minister Rutte
Text full announcement: click here

CirTec B.V. is the “overall winner” of the Aquatech Innovation Award 2017 with Cellvation cellulose recovery. According to the jury, our technology is “Perfect example of circular economy with practical application”. Cellvation is a cooperation of CirTec B.V. and KNN Cellulose B.V. The Cellvation installation is located at the WWTP Geestmerambacht, part of Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier. The Cellvation installation is subsidised by the European Union and is part of the SMART-Plant consortium.

Click here for the complete text of the announcement.

CirTec B.V. nominated for the Aquatech Innovation Award 2017

CirTec B.V. has been chosen by the Aquatech Innovation Award Jury!
We are nominated for the Aquatech Innovation Award 2017, in the category Waste water treatment with our innovation: Cellvation.

The chain technology, “Cellvation™”, is a compact innovative processing unit that can be utilized to produce clean, marketable cellulose feedstock on-site of a STP, while saving energy (less aeration) and chemicals (less polymers for dewatering) that are required for the purification process. Quantitative environmental benefits are: 15{34321c4d6347dbfc9dfb697a640eb53ed240871f1c9b070bfad4047282c943bb} less sludge, 15{34321c4d6347dbfc9dfb697a640eb53ed240871f1c9b070bfad4047282c943bb} energy and 20{34321c4d6347dbfc9dfb697a640eb53ed240871f1c9b070bfad4047282c943bb} less chemicals.

Come visit us 31 Oct – 3 Nov at booth 07.450 












Visit for more information.

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Chinese ambassador visits Purmerend

Chinese ambassador H.E. Mr. Wu Ken and his wife visited Purmerend on Wednesday, June 28th. Together with a Chinese delegation, they became acquainted with the city of Purmerend and companies and entrepreneurs. The visit signposted cooperation in the field of economics and healthcare. The Chinese ambassador and his wife were welcomed by mayor Don Bijl and his wife and city council member Harry Rotgans.

The delegation from China got acquainted with high-quality solutions in Purmerend for social issues such as energy and sustainability. A bus tour led the trade mission along the Koemarkt, Melkwegbrug, Kop West, Baanstee Noord and the golf course. The bio-thermal power plant was also visited. “City heating Purmerend” is the most sustainable heat company in the Netherlands. The bio-thermal power plant fires on wood chips from the State Forestry. There was also spoken about the Metropolitan region of Amsterdam and attention was paid to the cooperation between ICT companies and education. The visit was concluded with a meeting in Villa Clementine.

Trade Mission

Dutch and Chinese business people are finding each other better and better. For example, in recent years, many cooperative relationships and investments have been made in the field of environment, water and urban development. Purmerend entrepreneurs – together with the municipality of Purmerend – want to organize a trade mission to the Guangdong region. They are looking for Chinese partners, in the field of innovation, sustainability and IT. The municipality supports such initiatives of businesses. City council member Harry Rotgans: “There is a growing interest from China for the economic opportunities in our region, the way we organized our healthcare and how we managed our energy supply in a sustainable and green way. Furthermore Purmerend entrepreneurs want to orient themselves to the Chinese market and the opportunities that can offer cooperation with Chinese entrepreneurs.”

Municipality of Purmerend: Published on 28 June 2017

Click here for the article (in Dutch)

Chinese ambassador H.E. Mr. Wu Ken having conversation with Coos Wessels, technical director CirTec – (photographer Marcel Rob)