Press Release Synthetic GaLiCos

Press Release

Innovative evaporator for corrosive liquids and gasses

The first evaporator completely made from high quality recyclable synthetic material 

With the development of an evaporator, built entirely from building blocks made of recyclable plastic, which can apply low-value residual heat as an energy source, CirTec brings the most sustainable evaporator to date to the market. By using high-quality recyclable plastic, the new design can be applied to thicken liquids in an exceptional wide pH-range from 1 to 14 at temperatures ranging from 30 to 100°C. The system, named CRESCENDO, consists of separate building blocks that can be modularly expanded for any desired capacity. Application of recyclable plastic combined with the, by CirTec recently launched, Active Vapor Recompression (AVaR), make the CRESCENDO or Synthetic GaLiCos™ evaporator the most sustainable evaporator available on the market.

The CRESCENDO or Synthetic GaLiCos™ evaporator is a further development of a technology that has already successful been in operation for several years. In the basis, GaLiCos is an innovative, low maintenance technology, which allows evaporating highly concentrated liquid waste streams (brines) to the saturation limit. The operation is based on the principle that moisture is absorbed by unsaturated air. Using this principle GaLiCos enables both capturing salt crystals (as a concentration) in a partial flow limiting waste streams and production of distilled water by just using low-grade residual heat. As a result, GaLiCos™makes it possible to save energy, limit waste streams and create a closed circuit through the production of re-usable salt and water.

The CRESCENDO™concept has great added value above competitive systems. The main advantages are:

1. Applicable for corrosive liquids and gasses in pH-range from 1 to 14 at temperatures from 30 to 100°C.
2. Lower investment costs; systems are modular constructed and are relatively simple. A recirculating pump with limited head loss and a low-pressure ventilator are the only moving parts of the process.
3. Reduced operating costs; The modules are not sensitive to scaling and are maintenance free. Further, the energy consumption is low and a plant can be operated without any significant attention.


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