AVaR reduces energy consumption GaLiCos by 80%

Energy saving and re-use of materials become more and more important and are crucial for maintaining a good and healthy environment for future generations. GaLiCos™ (short for Liquid Gas Contact System), developed to thicken concentrated (waste) streams and recover valuable resources, using low-grade residual energy, has been successfully in operation for several years. By combining GaLiCos™ with the newly developed AVaR (Active Vapor Recompression) technology, residual heat in the system can be re-used even better, reducing energy consumption with up to 80%. This innovation will be introduced at the during the AquaNederland exhibition on 13, 14 and 15 March 2018 in Gorinchem (NL).

GaLiCos™ is a highly ingenious (and patented) device that is designed to bring gasses and liquids in a very efficient and intensive manner in contact with each other. The unique features of the technology are that this is achieved with a minimum of energy input and in a way that the equipment does not get contaminates by the medium. GaLiCos has been used successfully for several years to thicken concentrated liquids and to strip NH3 from water.

Low-value residual heat is usually only available to a limited extent and fossil fuel is expensive and unsustainable. With the development of a new module and through the combination of GaLiCos with AVaR, the number of possible applications and the energy efficiency are significantly increased.

CirTec is continuously working on improving and optimizing technology. The wishes and needs of the customer are always central. Cooperation and sharing knowledge are the keys to progress and crucial for CirTec and for that reason we involve innovative market parties at an early stage in the development and scaling up of our technology. Are you looking for innovative evaporation technology and are interested in being our launching customer to play a role in the successful market introduction of this technology, please visit us at the Aqua Nederland Trade Fair at stand 113B on the innovation street.

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