Innovative evaporator for concentrating corrosive waste water – Crescendo demo project completed on schedule

After two years of research and development, from lab scaled test to pilot test and many rounds of optimisation, the demonstration project of Crescendo evaporator for corrosive waste water was completed in February 2019. This demo is a collaboration of CirTec B.V, Najade, Vision and Actions and Changzhou Fenghua Environmental Protection Co. The project received supporting funds from the Dutch government. In this project the wheel cleaning waste acid solution generated at Fenghua’s plant area needed to be concentrated. We tested the system performance from different aspects such as the evaporation effect, energy consumption, surface fouling under different module pressure, temperature and circulation volume. In the end an effective concentration and reuse of the wheel cleaning waste acid solution was realised.

Crescendo is a further innovation based on years of successful operation experience of the GaLiCos evaporator.

GaLiCos is a low-temperature evaporation technology that evaporates brines or sour waste water to the saturation limits based on the principle of different air carrying capacities at different temperatures. Using this principle, GaLiCos is able to use low grade waste heat to concentrate the waste liquid and produce distilled water. Therefore, GaLiCos is a combination of energy conservation, waste concentration, and water reuse technology.

The Crescendo evaporator is made of 100% recyclable plastic modules and can be applied at pH 1-14 and temperatures between 30°C to 100°C using low-grade waste heat. Crescendo has a high added value compared to similar products, the main advantages are reflected in the following points:

  • Can be applied at pH 1-14 and temperatures between 30 °C to 100 °C for corrosive material;
  • Can run on residual waste heat from production;
  • Low investment ,easy to operate and maintain;
  • Skid-mounted and easy to scale.

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