CirTec B.V. nominated for the Aquatech Innovation Award 2017

CirTec B.V. has been chosen by the Aquatech Innovation Award Jury!
We are nominated for the Aquatech Innovation Award 2017, in the category Waste water treatment with our innovation: Cellvation.

The chain technology, “Cellvation™”, is a compact innovative processing unit that can be utilized to produce clean, marketable cellulose feedstock on-site of a STP, while saving energy (less aeration) and chemicals (less polymers for dewatering) that are required for the purification process. Quantitative environmental benefits are: 15{34321c4d6347dbfc9dfb697a640eb53ed240871f1c9b070bfad4047282c943bb} less sludge, 15{34321c4d6347dbfc9dfb697a640eb53ed240871f1c9b070bfad4047282c943bb} energy and 20{34321c4d6347dbfc9dfb697a640eb53ed240871f1c9b070bfad4047282c943bb} less chemicals.

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