Evaporation of wastewater

An important part of the products of a Dutch producer of eg. military equipment, are specific switch boards that during production are photographically covered with a “resist”. This resist is a sticky organic compound that is solved in water. After the developing process, the switch boards are rinsed with water, resulting in a wastewater, besides the resist containing a limited concentration of copper (Cu), which cannot be discharged without treatment.

When GaLiCos was presented, the technology was still in the development phase. A pilot test on a 100 liter scale, was that convincing that the customer decided, as first mover, to install a first full-scale installation with an evaporation capacity of 1,000 liters a day. The energy source for evaporation is coming from the compressor room, from where the air, having a temperature of 45 oC, is used for the process.

The installation, that is in operation since 2004, operates unattended and requires minimum maintenance. Scaling and fouling do not occur and the installation operates free of failures.