Stripping and Cooling of liquids


Volatile substances can effectively be removed from a liquid such as wastewater or drainage water. This is accomplished in the Galicos system by evaporating them in the relatively large gas (air) flow that is intensively brought into contact with the fluid.
The unique features of the system regarding prevention of fouling and cleanability enable application of the technology on highly fouling, scaling forming liquids.
Volatile substances (when present) can be condensed and recovered by leading the gas stream through a second Galicos unit.

Galicos - Strippen: Koelen van vloeistoffen


  • Low cost
  • Not sensitive to fouling
  • Easy to clean
  • Low own energy consumption
  • Simple operation and maintenance
  • Modular expandable
  • Optionally applicable combined stripper and scrubber
  • Where appropriately combined applicable as a stripper and air scrubber