Fine filtration of centrate

At a Dutch municipal WwTW, an enhanced system for nitrogen removal is installed to treat rejection water from the digester In order to reduce the nitrogen load at the water line. The centrate, coming from the dewatering centrifuges, contains on

Evaporation of brine

As a part of the wastewater treatment plant of a Textile company in the Middle East, a 2-stage reversed osmosis system is installed as final treatment stage, removing salts an color from the water. To thicken the brine, a GaLiCos

Evaporation of wastewater

An important part of the products of a Dutch producer of eg. military equipment, are specific switch boards that during production are photographically covered with a “resist”. This resist is a sticky organic compound that is solved in water. After

Biogas desulphurization

At a green energy plant in China, the residuals from sugar production are anaerobically digested, producing up to 8,000 m3/h of biogas. This gas stream contains, besides a large amount of CO2, high concentrations of H2S up to > 35,000